Wedding BrowsPreparing for your Wedding Day

Preparing for your Wedding Day


Preparing for your Wedding

Welcome to our first blog post. We hope you enjoy.

Your big day is coming and you have started thinking about all of the appointments that you need to start booking, so you look and feel your best on your wedding day. Hair, makeup, nails, lashes, facials and of course your brows. It’s a lot we know, but that being said, you want to feel your best on the day.

So, Where and how do you start? Well, at iBrow we have looked after many brides over the past nine years and we decided to put together a blog post with all the things we have learned along the way in hope to inspire you.

So, how long will it take to get my brows into shape? 

Well firstly, you may be really happy with your brows already and are looking to maintain what you have, with just a little extra definition but nothing crazy. You will probably notice a difference after just one appointment. For people who need a little more help it may take a few appointments to get your brows where you want them. This all depends on how full the brows are, sparse areas, or asymmetrical brows. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that most people are really happy with their brows after just one visit and the results after 3 visits can be transformative. From our experience most clients start their journey at least 6 months before their wedding however it’s never too late.

I want to start my Brow journey today, what do I do now? 

Book a consultation with us today (details at the end) This is complementary and takes approx. fifteen minutes. We will discuss all your concerns and be realistic about what you can expect. Our brow experts will talk you through all of the different tint options which include classic tint, Bronson and Henna tint and see which is best for you. We will patch test you on the day to rule out any allergies. We will talk you through your shape and give advice based on what you want to achieve and what we feel is best for you. We will always prioritise the health of your brow and aim to make sure you look your best and your brows are in good health above all else. Our Brow Experts will help liaise your appointments right up to your wedding week and advise when to book your brows in around your spray tan and other appointments.


Do’s and Dont’s for brows. 

  • Do make sure to book a consultation and make sure you are happy with the brow expert who is looking after you.
  • Do re-book all your appointments with the same brow expert if possible when starting your brow journey
  • Do make sure to always tell your brow expert if you are wearing face tan so she can adjust the tint if necessary.
  • Always tell your brow expert about your skin journey and any new products you may be using, especially ones with active ingredients such as VIT A /RETINOL/ AHA’S. This is absolutely vital at every single appointment to prevent any reactions on the skin.
  • Make sure to be honest at your appointments with your brow expert about how you feel about your brows. For instance, if you felt your tint was too dark/light or the shape was too full/slim. We will always welcome your feedback and this is the best way to make sure you are fully satisfied.
  • Do book your brows a week before your wedding day allowing time for the RARE chance you may get a reaction.
  • Use a nourishing oil to keep the brows healthy.
  • Don’t tweeze the brows at home. It can disrupt the cycles of hair growth or break the hair at the surface if your tweezers are blunt or you tweeze incorrectly. This can ruin a perfectly good brow and its best leaving it to the experts.
  • Don’t start any new products without consulting with a skin specialist first and without telling your brow expert.
  • Don’t wear tan before you get your brows done as this can cause your brows to stain or go too dark.
  • Don’t use any active ingredients a week prior to your brow treatments.

We hope these tips helped and if you have any questions at all or are  nervous of starting anything new, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help answer any of your questions. Also you can check out our follow up blog post’s from one of our brides to hear about her experience first hand. 


Our Clients

I have been getting my brows done for many years with Gemma in iBrow. Even when I worked there and left, I still went back. I have always loved her dedication and skill on how to do brows so well. When I had my date to get married, Gemma advised me on when and how often I should be getting my brows done right up to the week. She knew the look I was going for on the day and so I wanted my brows to stand out. I got my brows done the day before my wedding as I knew, I never have any reactions. Gemma spent so much time tinting and perfecting my brows so that not much would need to be done with my makeup artist and would last me right through my honeymoon. I can't fault Gemma or the service I have received over the years and especially for one of the most important days of my life. Five star service from a five star business.
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iBrow Client
I got my brows done for my wedding at iBrow and I couldn’t have been happier with them. I had been going to iBrow for a year prior to my wedding so I was always going to have them done there. The girls are all so lovely & took such great care of me in preparing my brows in the lead up to my wedding. I wanted to go for a timeless look & the girls helped me to achieve this perfectly. On the day I went to have my final wedding brows done my mom & my sister came with me and we all had a little pamper & lunch at Market Lane just across the street afterwards. It was such a lovely afternoon spent together before the big day. Thank you so much to everyone at iBrow for making me feel so special & for being just as excited about the wedding as I was!
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iBrow Client
I have been a regular client of Ibrow for the past 6 years and I absolutely loved my bridal experience at Ibrow. My maid of honour and I were surprised by the girls with a glass of bubbly and it just made my experience so much more memorable and special. Ibrow created a really calm, warm atmosphere for me, amidst the rush of the wedding planning. I felt so relaxed and calm knowing that I was in safe hands. The girls spoke in length about the shape and colour of my brows ensuring I felt happy walking out the door. They had text me the week before also to check in with me for all my appointments. They are total professionals.
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iBrow Client

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