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iBrow Services & Pricing

Please note the prices below are the updated prices starting 1st June 2022

iBrow Signature Brows (25 mins)

Our Signature Brow is a classic brow shape and tint which includes a tailored tint to enhance the colour and add fullness, we then shape the brows with a combination of wax and/or tweezing to achieve the client's desired look. If you are trying to let your brows fill out or want them nice and groomed or defined, our Brow Experts will get you there. Recommended maintenance is every 3-5 weeks.

iBrow Henna Shape & Tint (40 mins)

This is a natural tinting process using an organic plant based dye. It offers a more extensive range of colours than regular tint. Henna tint is designed to stain the brow for almost two weeks to help fill any gaps. It also helps repair the hair due to the lack of peroxide and ammonia that is normally used in the colouring process. We use the highest quality henna (BrowXenna) by Levchuck. Recommended maintenance is 6-8 weeks.

iBrow Bronsun Tint & Shape (30 mins)

This Hybrid tint is an innovative gel dye with similar intense and long lasting effects as Henna. It is highly pigmented and offers incredible colours for all hair types including blondes, redheads and brunettes. Hybrid tint is also ammonia free which is amazing for those concerned with the health of their brow hairs. Recommended maintenance is 4-6 weeks.

iBrow GlowUp (45 mins)

This service includes our signature brow shape and tint, lip wax and a lash tint. This is the ultimate glow up for those wanting to wake up make-up free and ready to hit the road with little maintenance. Recommended maintenance is every 4-6 weeks.

iBrow VIB Brows (40 mins)

VIB is a luxury brow experience offering a personalised Brow consultation, iBrows signature Brows and a Beauty Edit tutorial on how to achieve perfect brows at home. You will be able to redeem €20 against any product. This treat is lovely for first time iBrow clients who want to start their brow journey with us. This is also a lovely treat for Christmas, birthdays or wedding brows. Specialised vouchers are available for this service.

Dermaplaning - Sides of Face
Dermaplaning - Full Face & Neck

Dermaplaning is a skin rejuvenation treatment that removes the vellus hairs also known as peach fuzz. It exfoliates the skin by removing the dead skin cells on the epidermis. This gives brighter, smoother skin allowing products to penetrate deeper. A lot of our clients had the same complaint of having hair on their face that they didn't want to wax. Dermaplaning is a much better option for those hairs as it doesn’t change the structure of the hair.

Lash Tinting (20mins)

We now offer lash tinting at iBrow (The Ultimate No-Makeup Flex). Lash tinting is ideal for people who want to avoid fake lashes or lash extensions and opt for something that doesn't damage the natural lash.

Lash Lift (50- 60min)

This treatment will give you a natural looking curl to your own lashes. A lash tint is also included in this treatment.

Facial Waxing

We offer lip waxing and chin waxing which is hugely popular at iBrow. We use the highest quality wax which leaves no irritation on the skin. Concealers are available for those on a quick lunch break and are heading back to work

iBrow Brow Treatment
iBrow Brow Treatment Male
Lashes at iBrow

iBrow Packages

Brow Shape
iBrow Tint
Brow Shape & Lip
Brow Shape/Tint & Lip
Sensitive Tint
Sensitive Tint & Shape
Shape, Tint, Lip & Chin
Brow Henna & Lip
Shape, Tint, & Lashes

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